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In my opinion covid 19 showed me that it’s important to have your own way of making money, whether that’s as a side hustle or being a full time entrepreneur. When this epidemic started, so many people became lost and had no way of making money the way that they normally did. That includes me as well (I’m a hairstylist and shops are closed). But when you are an entrepreneur, you are so used to being in grind mode & you become so quick on your feet. This was just another obstacle to over come for us and we are doing it so well. On my timeline I see so many entrepreneurs who are taking their businesses to the internet and although it may have slightly affected us, we are still finding ways to make it work. Nail techs are making press on nails, lash techs are selling lash strips, hair stylists are profiting off of edge controls and hair growth oils. This was an eye opener in my opinion. If I was still working a job I probably wouldn’t have my grind mode mentality, the mentality that allowed me to find another source of income. The survival tactics you learn as an entrepreneur are like no other. Continue showing out! My prayers go out to everyone affected. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!

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