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The biggest misconception new small business owners have

I think the biggest misconception with new small business owners is they feel like if they have a lot of items to sell or a lot of services to offer, they will have something for EVERYONE and that will make things sell. But in reality what happens is, you are oversaturated, and people get confused by what you are selling, and then they leave. Do you want to build your presence and begin actually making sales? Find 1-3 AMAZING products/services and promote that and that only, be the best person for the job and ONLY promote to people who want that service/product. Then as you grow, begin to add more. But in the beginning, you never want to confuse the consumer. You also only want to show your best work. So you may know how to do 10 things, but have only PERFECTED 2. So if you have 8 services on your site that look mediocre, and 2 that look good, you may lose a customer because 80% of your business looks bad. But if you only promote those 2 things and work on the other 8 (one by one, behind the scenes), then your entire portfolio looks amazing and it brings in customers quicker, even if it’s only for those two services. And that my friends, is a business tip that is as good as gold. Focus on 3 good products/services and watch your sales grow!

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ps: when im blogging I just type really fast and dont think about grammatical errors and im not sorry about that. 😂

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